Saturday, November 10, 2012

Room Tour

I'm loving my room!! its starting to feel like home again...don't get me wrong i still need to buy bookcases and a desk, but i'm happy!!!

 still probably my favorite thing my yellow chaise!

Friday, September 7, 2012

wish list

these are just somethings that have caught my eye lately....

blog design help

These are some websites that are extremely helpful when it comes to designing your own blog!! i have used all these resources at one point and love them all!  

 fab n' free: this website gives you all the great freebies from amazing blogs all in one place////
pugly pixle: a great website for diy blog tutorials...her templates are amazing

 makin' cute Blogs: is pretty much amzing!!! her tutorials are easy to understand and i absolutely love them!!  
 pixlr: there are to great things!! 1. it has a photoshop like photo editor...2. it has an instagram like photo editor. two is my favorite i love the look of instagram photos and its nice not to have to upload all the photos i want to look amazing
foto flexer: my picnik replacement:) i love this website the fonts are amazing, and its laid out nicely! i will always miss picnik but this helps fill the gap///

hope you find these resources helpful
have a great day

Sunday, August 26, 2012

diy scarf

Today I went to a thrift store with one of my friends looking for amazingness:) we found quite a few little treasures. this romper was one of them...but well neither of us wear rompers, and it looked quite 
interesting on:) anyways we loveeeddd the fabric so we decided to turn it into a scarf!!!

first we cut the bottom of. leveled it out so that way it was more of a "skirt bottom"

then we folded it in half and cut it again to separate the top and bottom piece.

 I left it un hemmed. it doesn't really fray because its knit perfect!!!! we each got one cowl type scarf out of the romper!!! i looped it twice to give it a fuller look...

Have a great day!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

jays boutique blog

This girl is soooo talented and sweet. I mean come on creating her own patterns and then giving them away for free. I was recently given the opportunity to update her blogs look. It was so much fun!!! Be sure to check her blog out!!

hope you have a great day...

If you are interested in updating your blog i would love to help. just email me at
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